Ker Sangri

This incredible sabzi made from locally grown dried berries and beans found in Rajasthan is yet another eye opener into the diversity of ingredients and spices when it comes to food in our country.
A few years ago when I spent a few nights in the middle of nowhere in Rajasthan, the family I was living with took me out in the early hours of the morning to pick some Ker berries on camel-back. We spent that night sitting under a dim solar-powered lamp, eating this incredible sabzi that really blew my mind. To enjoy it most - try eating Ker Sangri with Makki or Bajre ki roti.
The locally grown ingredients, tangy raisins and the rich spices all make this an incredibly special dish - but you can really taste the generations of history and culture that developed the recipe I feel so incredibly privileged to be sharing with you today!

P.S. - The serving size is a little bigger because this dish is traditionally made in larger quantities. It can be stored for upto a week!



1/2 cup Ker Berries
1 1/2 cup Sangri Beans
1/4 tsp Hing (Asafoetida Powder)
1 tsp Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
1 tsp Fennel Seeds (Saunf)
1/2 tsp Carom Seeds (Ajwain)
5 Dried Red Chillies
1/4 cup Raisins
1 tbsp Jaggery
3 tsp Coriander Powder
2 tsp Red Chilli Powder
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Garam Masala Powder
2 tsp Dry Mango Powder (Amchur)
2 tbsp Yoghurt
2 tbsp Coriander (chopped)
5 tbsp of Ghee
Salt to taste


Preparing the Ker and Sangri:

Wash Ker berries and Sangri beans thoroughly multiple times.

Soak Ker berries and Sangri beans immersed in water for a minimum of 8 hours, ideally overnight.

Once done soaking, wash your Ker berries and Sangri beans a few more times.

Put Ker and Sangri in a pressure cooker with two cups of water and one teaspoon of salt. Pressure cook on high heat for 2 whistles. Allow pressure to release naturally.

Drain the Ker and Sangri and wash them thoroughly once more.

Preparing the Sabzi:

Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan.

Once the ghee is hot, add the red chillies, hing, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, carom seeds.

Once the above masala has fried for a few seconds, add your cooked Ker and Sangri and stir fry for a few minutes.

Add your jaggery, coriander powder, red chilli powder, turmeric, garam masala and dry mango powder. Mix well.

Add yoghurt, raisins and salt. Mix well and cover to cook for 5-10 minutes.

Finally, turn off your heat and garnish with fresh coriander and some more ghee.

Serve with fresh rotis or steaming rice!

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