Rajputana Junglee Maas

Not to be confused with the more commonly known Laal Maas, Junglee Maas has only 4 ingredients. It was originally conceived for the annual hunts of Rajpur royals. The hunting party could only carry with them minimal provisions that would last long in the desert, so to make the most of the limited ingredients available, royal chefs came up with this dish. 

Junglee Maas is paradox of a dish that is at once both humble and rustic, and yet rich and hearty. 

It’s also deceptively simple, as this dish requires you to cook by instinct. You’ll have to monitor the ghee and water content and adjust it as per your own gut/intuition and taste. Also, exercise patience as the meat is at its juciest if you let it slow-cook. 


4-6 people


1.25 kg Meat / Mutton (with bones) 

200 gm Desi Ghee / Clarified Butter

approx. 40 to 50 Kashmiri Red Chilli (Approx. 30 if you are using Mathania Red Chillis or any other Red Chillies, as these are spicier than Kashmiri)

Salt, per taste 



Add the ghee to a wide bottom pan/handi on medium flame. Add the mutton and stir, searing the meat slightly.

Then add all the red chillies. Season with salt per your taste and mix well. 

Turn the flame to low and let the meat cook in the ghee, stirring regularly so it doesnt stick to the bottom of the handi. 

You can add water little by little as required, but try to use as little water as possible, letting the meat cook in its own juices as much as possible.

When the meat feels tender and is nearly falling off the bone, it is ready.

Serve with rice or rotis.

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