Healthy-ish Til Ke Laddoo

One of the few times a “healthy alternative” is as good as the real thing! These Til ke Laddoos give Motichoor a run for its money! Besan ke laddo still win though, but only by a close margin.


Makes ___ laddoos


1 cup dry roasted peanuts

1 cup shakar

1 cup white sesame


Toast the sesame seeds in a pan on low flame until they turn pale brown. They will emit a beautiful warm, nutty smell. Keep a close eye on the seeds as they are roasting, as they tend to burn quickly.

Then, coarsely grind the peanuts by pulsing in a grinder or food processor.

Then grind the shakar and sesame together.

Mix the ground peanuts, shakar and sesame.

Shape into laddoos and enjoy with a cup of steaming chai!

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