Other Food Brands We Love

As passionate home cooks ourselves, we’re always on the lookout for other young brands who elevate the diversity and quality of ingredients available in India. Here are a few that we've found and loved -


🍞 La Folie for exceptional bread and baked goods that are almost too beautiful to eat. 

🥜 Happy Jars for nut butters that are as healthy as they are tasty. 

🧀 Eleftheria Cheese for the most tempting cheese in the country.

🧀 The Spotted Cow Fromagerie for cheese that tastes even creamier than it looks.

🍫 Allthings Chocolates for the best bakers' chocolate and lovely packaging.

🍫 Mason & Co Chocolates for their addictive bean-to-bar chocolate.

☕️ Black Baza Coffee for deliciously strong, biodiversity-friendly coffee.

☕️ Sleepy Owl for coffee that's easy to brew and tastes amazing.

🍵 Vahdam Teas for the freshest teas, and a great variety of them.

🍵 Dorje Teas for beautiful, single-origin tea straight from a Darjeeling estate.


This is an evolving list, so if you know of any great brands we've missed, please share with us on team@fairerfoods.com.

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