Our Story

Hi 👋 I’m Meher, the founder of Fairer Foods 😊

As it says on our jars, we’re a tiny spice company with one clear mission – to build the shortest, most transparent supply chains in the spice industry.

Why do we care about this?

Because we believe that by building a better, more efficient & equitable sourcing model, we can solve the 2 biggest issues in the spice industry today - 


The Two Big Problems – Quality of Spices & Underpaid Farmers

Most of the spices you find on supermarket shelves are of substandard quality. Specifically, they're often stale and/or adulterated.

Misleadingly, the manufacturing date you see on a jar is not the date on which the spice was harvested, but rather just the date it was packaged into that container. It could well have been harvested and ground even 2-3 years before that.

To keep these stale spices looking fresh, they’re often adulterated with food colouring, anti-caking agents, preservatives and even fillers like dehydrated powdered horse dung!

As bad as this is for us unsuspecting home cooks, the farmers who are at the other end of this supply chain are even worse off. With all the middlemen along the chain taking their cuts, the farmers get paid only a small fraction of the MRP that we, the consumers, pay.


The Cause – Long, Opaque Supply Chains

The reason that most spices on supermarket shelves are of compromised quality (often stale and/or adulterated) is because the spice industry has traditionally operated on long, opaque supply chains - it can take over 2 years for a spice to reach from soil to shelf, and it can change hands 6-7 times along the way.

As the spices move through these complex, convoluted supply chains - passing through dusty godowns and unscrupulous middlemen - they become increasingly stale and adulterated. 


The Solution – Short, Transparent Supply Chains

We source our spices directly from farmers and farmer cooperatives across India & Sri Lanka, and deliver them directly to your kitchen.

By eliminating the middlemen and controlling our own supply chains, we ensure our spices are fresher and free of all additives; and pay our farmers a better price.


Why This Matters

Our farmers, across the country, grow amazing produce - whether its the smoky black cardamom grown in the dark forests of Sikkim, or the heady brown cloves grown on the rain-soaked plantations of Kerala. As citizens and consumers of India, we should get to enjoy this produce of our land in its purest form, and the farmers who dedicate their lives to growing it should get paid a fair price for their produce. 

Our business model enables us to celebrate the diversity and quality of spices from different parts of India, and support the farmers who grow them.

We hope you’ll enjoy cooking with our spices as much as we’ve enjoyed sourcing them 😊

Happy cooking friends,


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